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BlueSwitch has a team of social media experts to handle all of your business’ social media accounts. Almost every business has a social media presence; however, not everyone knows how to utilize social media to become an extension of their business. That’s when our social media experts come in. With an experienced team of social media marketers, we will help you find and define your brand voice, as well as create comprehensive marketing strategies that are tailored for each individual platform.

From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram to Pinterest, our social media experts will manage all your social accounts to create synergy across platforms to create a unified voice. The experts are always updated on the latest social media trends and best practices. Depending on your goal (follower growth, engagement website clicks, etc.), we’ll work with you to plan and execute a clear strategy to have a strong social media presence in the vast digital landscape.

Our social media management service includes, but is not limited to:


Social media is becoming increasingly saturated with content. Whether or not the brand has their own original content, companies need to push out quality content in order to gain visibility. The social experts will research and curate third party content that will be interesting and relevant to their target audience. Consistently posting engaging articles will attract the right people and spark conversations that will deepen the community bond.


Our social media experts have comprehensive editorial calendars to draft social content. It streamlines the way we curate and create content, as well as help develop content strategy. The editorial calendars specify the date, time, and content for different social networks. After the calendar is filled, the content will then be scheduled on a social media management platform (we use Sprout Social). A social editorial calendar gives an overview of the themes and provides a clear voice for the brand, becoming an integral part of any social marketing strategy.


There’s no doubt that social media has narrowed the gap between the brand and the consumer. Companies need to be constantly engaging on social media in order to gain and retain customers, as well as to establish themselves as a helpful and informative authority of their field. The social media experts provide community management services. This includes promptly responding to any comments, questions, or complaints that are directed at the company through various social media platforms.


As previously mentioned, the social media medium is overloaded with content. Having a content become organically ‘viral’ is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish. Platforms are constantly changing their algorithm that determines what post gets served to whom. Additionally, social platforms like Facebook and Twitter unsurprisingly show preference to their paid posts compared to organic content. Advertising on social media is a relatively new but increasingly required aspect of social marketing that the social marketing experts can manage for your brand. We will set up ad campaigns with specified goals and budget, and will monitor its performance in order to optimize and ensure that the ad is fully utilizing all the platform’s features in a cost-effective manner.


Influencers are the new celebrity faces of the Internet that have unbridled impact on consumer trends. As their title implies, influencers are those who have massive social reach with their original content and strong relationships with their audience. Influencer marketing is a popular marketing strategy that allows brands to gain trust and exposure through the influencers promoting specified products to their own follower base. As social media experts, we can set up influencer marketing for companies that are interested in a more targeted form of advertisement. For instance, the experts can compile a list of influencers (both prominent and new) of a field, and arrange giveaways, product reviews, and more.

BlueSwitch doesn’t just build a brand – we build lasting relationships. Our team of social media experts will take your new or existing business to another level of success.


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