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BlueSwitch is a premier technology solutions provider, leading the way in ecommerce website development for over 15 years. Our ecommerce solutions are robust while our design is engaging, creating a website that engages your customers and drives sales. By providing a variety of offerings, BlueSwitch is committed to finding the right platform for every client. Our innovative, web development solutions enable businesses to be more productive in the constantly changing online market, and in return, reduce costs and increase revenue.


Shopify is a hosted web application that allows you to create your own online store with an intuitive UI that most users can learn easily. Some of the features that Shopify supports are warehouse integration, real time carrier shipping, staff accounts, and over 50 payment gateways. Shopify’s ease of use and customization options make it a great choice for small-to-medium sized businesses.


BlueBasis is a custom framework from which most BlueSwitch websites are built. The core can be expanded and customized depending on the customer’s needs, and provides functionality unique to every website. BlueBasis can be separated into two groups: e-commerce and non-ecommerce. BlueBasis is structured as a true MVC, uses, supports multiple languages natively, and is cloud-ready with Azure.


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